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“This isn’t a guy just wingin’ it from his basement.”

— Mike Pesca, Slate's The Gist

The governmentality podcast is a weekly show about power, politics and ideas hosted by journalist Allen McDuffee. Each week, Allen takes on questions of power and the people who seek it, thrive on it, are subject to it and even those who resist it. That means covering everything from the latest moves out of the White House to Putin’s latest power play to the newest way Silicon Valley is seeking to change your life.

Through interviews and candid looks at the news, each show is a guide to explaining how power is a part of our everyday lives. Allen has talked with a broad range of guests including Brooke Gladstone of On The Media, Mike Pesca of Slate’s The Gist podcast and NPR, MacArthur Genius Award winner and anthropologist Jason De Leon, and American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks.

“All in all, a very impressive kick-off, anchored by McDuffee’s pleasing basso profundo voice.”

— Adweek

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